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Find out where joy resides and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all.

-Robert Louis Stevenson


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Coach Lakisha is available for your conferences, empowerment, women, and vision board events, just to name a few. Her authentic style and professional delivery has allowed her to build trust with individuals and organizations throughout the DMV. The list below is an example of talking points that we can deliver. Contact us directly to personalize a workshop topic. 


We are also available for book club roundtables and reviews for Let Me Be Naturally: A Poetic Journey. 




“The words within aren’t empty lines to fill space for faceless readers.  In stark contrast, this work was crafted to uplift, inspire and encourage.  Readers of all ages can identify with these poems because they speak to the very heart and nature of people.  I have the great fortune of knowing this author personally and the beauty that she possesses within exudes through this collective work.  This is one for sister circle discussions and is guaranteed to never collect dust.  It’s worth reading again and again!” 


—  Arthinia Morgan, Author of Make Love Enough

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 The Book: Let Me Be Naturally: A Poetic Journey

This book of poetry has been said to be a thought provoking breath of fresh air. More than a book it is an interactive safe space for the reader to delve into their own thoughts and record some of their own emotions after each carefully crafted quarter.  Creating your own Joymist Moments just may be the  spark you need to write your own book.

1st Quarter: Soul Search 

2nd Quarter: Infatuated

3rd Quarter: Lyrics of Love 

Fourth Quarter: Lyrics of life

Overtime: Mission Possible


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