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Legacy Holistic Health Institute inducts it's first Health Coach Hall of Fame Inductees

Lakisha McGaney-Osei

Nov. 27, 2020

Coach Lakisha has been nominated and inducted into LHHI Health Coach Hall of Fame.

Legacy Holistic Health Institute (LHHI) nominated Coach Lakisha McGaney-Osei, HHC, BCPC as one of 18 alumni out of the first 7 cohorts. to be selected for the inaugural Health Coach Hall of Fame. The selection process looked at a set of criteria that included, completing the year long coaching program, showing continued interest and promoting of a holistic lifestyle, and planning to take the board certification for health coaching within 18 months of accepting. Coach Lakisha was absolutely honored and humbled to be selected as not only a nominee but on November 27th after of weeks of voting by the public, she was one of three officially inducted into the inaugural Health Coach Hall of Fame! hank you for all those who voted and continue to support Coach Lakisha and the mission of Joy is Just Over Yonder. To simply encourage to Live. Move. and Overcome. confidently on the journey2amazing.

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