Confident OverFLOW: 4 Self-Care Tips to Overcome Feelings of Drowning

You ever sit back and think: When will my cup runneth over? How do I get to that place of abundance and peace that I deserve? Then the cup that seemed empty for so many years begins to fill and flourish and you become overwhelmed?

The OverFLOW that you thought would keep you floating in a life of bliss, now seemed to be actually drowning you. What am I missing? This is what I have been waiting for, right Lord? In your waiting, did you take time to develop your self-care plan or were you just concerned with your business plan? Were you embracing ways to manifest self-love or allowing the love for success to drive your every move?

The good news is that it is not too late to build a dam for the flood you are feeling, particularly in the current season we are all experiencing. Know that you are not alone. Even the most confident woman can fall victim to the pressures of wearing their cape 24-7, with no oxygen tank for those deep dives for family, friends, and loved ones. Recently, I began to finally learn how to swim. What I love about my swim coach is his approach to teaching you how to discover your ability to swim. He believes you were born with this instinct. It just takes some of us longer to accept and manifest it. One of the first exercises he teaches you is to recover and stand. This was insightful. You can save yourself once you realize you can recover in the midst of feeling overwhelmed. You just need the right gear and mindset to navigate the waters and stand your ground.

The Confident OverFLOW is your recovery plan that will allow you to either do a self-check on what you already have in place for your self-care, or serve as a life-vest for you to develop one that is nourishing to your body, mind, and soul. What is this OverF.L.O.W?

F. Free your mind, body, and spirit

There is freedom in liberating yourself. God created us to live free, unfettered. and not be bound. Be mindful of the energy around you, including what you consume.

L. Lavish yourself with self-love, self-care, and self-compassion

Know that you do not have to seek permission to be first on your to-care list. Many have no problem with the first two, but when you introduce self-compassion to the picture you realize that we give others more compassion than we give ourselves.

O. Own your decisions

Whether it’s familial relationships, romantic relationships, staying in a job that is draining you dry, own your decisions to stay, leave or compromise.

W. Wrap yourself in wellness.

Create yourself a wellness tribe. Explore holistic approaches to your wellness and be open to seeking out therapeutic services.

Confident women I implore you to unlock the OverFLOW in your life.

From my published article in Confident Women Unlock What's Inside March 2022


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